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Hey, I'm totally stuck on a level.
I'm in the level with the green dragon thing.

What I tried and failed:
Going to the end of the cave and in the hole there
letting it pass above/below me
Letting it touch me

So I can't finish the level.

there is no black/white finish square, no finish hole or anything.
And letting it get by in the hope that it may open a new path for me was not right either.

So I don't know how to finish this level :-(

Oh, and if you are too fast, that thing even stops chasing you, level stops from shaking and...
well, you have nothing to do anymore O_o

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thanks fortrying out the game dude, and about that boss you are right the levels are as unfinished as the whole game :/ sadly I've been unable to keep making it.

About that bug on the boss when you are fast, yeah I think I got a patch on that the last time I was programming, I made it so as if you got to a certain distance from him, he'll catch up quick. But as for now the project is in stand-by.

It doesnt download! Can you give me another link?

Sure yeah!, sorry, for answering so late friend but i´ve been forced to pause de development of the game, any how yup ill update the build, and thanks for the atention!! :D

so hard

jaja thanks for the comment bro, I know , I'm in the process of design new levels to ease down the difficult y curve, and create an assortment of paths and boss encounters. Hope that you get to play the final product. Thanks again! :D